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How to apply magnetic eyelashes

magnetic eyelashes

Benefits of magnetic eyelashes:

Who doesn't want a 2-for-1 in life? Stunning eyeliner that magnetically sticks all day to a huge range of eyelashes is no longer the future; it's here now!

  • Instant stunning lashes/eyeliner look for over 30 wears 💖
  • Tiny eyelash magnets click with special magnetic eyeliner 🧲
  • Save time: Apply in under two minutes ⏱
  • Save money: The best value premium magnetic eyelashes 📣
  • Save mess: Leaves no gluey residue on your eyes ⛔
  • Save time again: Whip off and clean in seconds ✅

Our magnetic eyelashes give you a super sticky hold and stunning eyeliner all in one sexy package.

Now you know the why, let's answer the how...

How to quickly apply and remove magnetic eyelashes:

Magnetic Eyeliner
  1. Place your magnetic eyelash against your eyelash line and if needed, cut the lash with eyelashes scissors to fit your eye.
  2. Give your Magnetic Eyeliner a good shake and then line your eye as thickly as you want your look to be. Now wait a minute until it dries!
  3. Starting with your inner eye corner, apply the lash with Eyelashes Tweezers onto your lash line and lightly push until the lash and eyeliner stick together.
  4. To remove, slowly peel the lash from your outer eye edge. Finally, simply use a wipe to quickly take off the eyeliner.

Going from a blank canvas to glam in under two minutes, you’ll get 30 wears out of these beauties, so what are you waiting for girl?

Important: Magnetic eyelashes only work with a magnetic eyeliner – get yours here or save by buying it bundled with your favourite magnetic eyelash!